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Welcome to the,
"This Ain't Your Typical White Girl Detox!!"


I'm excited to have you here!

Now that you've signed up, it's time to head over to Dr. Morses Herbal Health Club and purchase your herbs! 

First, You're going to need to become a member. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up. And your membership fee is only $10! 

Once you've gotten your membership all squared away. You're going to order the Fab 4 Kit.

Included with this kit are:

  • Kidney & Bladdar Tonic | Tincture

  • Lymphatic System Tonic | Tincture

  • Endocrine Balance Tincture

  • Stomach and Bowels tonic Capsules

Now, don't get overwhelmed when you're faced with choosing which Stomach & Bowels tonic to buy. When you click on the Fab 4 package, you'll scroll down and see five different options for these capsules. Read each description and pick the one that bests represents  your current bowel habits.

Once you've chosen an option, click order and you're good to go!

Optional (but recommended) herbs:

  • GI Broom: After your digestive track is detoxed and starts functioning properly again, these capsules will help powerfully but gently deep clean your bowels and intestines.

  • Heal All Tea: Will give your Detox an extra PUNCH and help boost your immune system.

    Next, make sure you head over to Facebook and Join our Private Facebook group! This is where I'll do going Live and answering all your questions. It's also where we'll all be supporting each other as we work our way through this detox together.

    If you have any questions at all, please email them to:

These tend to take at least a week to show up at your door, so make sure you order them right away to be ready for our Jan. 5th start date.

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