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Blue Healer and blue healing is about unwinding from old stories and identities associated with sickness. Many of us live our lives attached to identities associated with sickness and ancestral patterning. We often have no idea what our lives could look like without that identity. So, as we work to heal your body, we’ll also be working through and challenging the labels and old stories you’ve been identifying with. You’ll start to realize how those associations have been holding you back and learn how to stop having conversations about being "sick" and start having conversations about being healthy.


Blue is associated with speaking truth and authenticity. It's associated with identity, how you speak your identity into existence and the things you identify yourself with on a daily basis (i.e. old programming, stories, labels, etc.)

Throughout my nursing career, I watched as several of my family members were diagnosed with cancers that were simply labeled, "environmental." I watched young people dying, not of cancer, but of liver and kidney failure caused by the experimental chemotherapy they were given. I watched the over prescribing of medications, and how damaging the side-effects and lasting, long-term effects were.

These patients weren’t being given answers. There was no explanation of the cause or finding the root of the problem. Instead it was an exhausting routine of pills, side-effects, new pills, rinse and repeat. People are suffering and they’re not getting better.

I began studying natural medicine because I felt strongly that there had to be a better solution.

I dove deeper into learning the human body. I began learning about the magic and life altering effects of detoxification. I studied Healers that have cured diseases and cancers using detoxification methods, herbs, spiritual healing and reprogramming. I began traveling all around the world, diving deep into the heart of different cultures and learning about their ancient practices.


Known as "The Blue Healer",  I am a nutritional and plant medicine mentor and healer. I assist in bridging the gap between an extremely imbalanced modern medicine machine, and traditional medicine. I support each of my clients along their unique path to alignment with their purpose, passion and regaining power over their lives as well as health.

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